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Dropping Off Items at School UPDATE

The only items that we will accept for drop off are eye glasses, medications, lunch money, lunches and house keys. Fast food items or other commercial items for lunch are not allowed for drop off.  CHROMEBOOKS CANNOT BE DROPPED OFF for students.  Students will be given a loaner for the day.

  • A parent must sign in the dropped off items (eye glasses, medication, lunch money, lunch or
    house keys).

  • The student will be called only if they are not expecting the drop off. Otherwise, your child is responsible for checking in the attendance office and signing for their dropped off items.

This restriction is due to the overwhelming number of items dropped off in previous years in the attendance and main office. Several students are texting parents to drop off requested items.

A student caught texting will result in their phone being taken away and logged as 1st, 2nd or 3rd offense.  See Cell Phone Usage and Texting for more details.

Responsibility is a very important skill for middle school students to accept and to practice. To help our students learn responsibility we do not allow items such as projects, homework, clothes, shoes, book bags, pencil cases, books or uniforms to be dropped off for delivery to the students. This will help keep interruptions in the classroom to a minimum. Please keep in mind when a classroom is interrupted it not only takes your child off task but all classmates as well.