Dress Code Policy 

The atmosphere of a school must be conducive to learning. A student’s appearance can positively or negatively impact the climate of a school. Students must adhere to the School District’s dress code requirements. Students who fail to comply with the dress code requirements, as discussed below, may be charged with Offense #25 –Student Dress Code Violation. 


Dress Code PDF


Dress Code Violations

Students will not dress inappropriately or wear any look alike garments that are illegal (i.e. bullet-proof vests, inappropriate images, etc.) on school grounds or at school events. ALL students are expected to dress appropriately and to adhere to the student dress code found on page 82 of the Student Code of Conduct handbook and any additional requirements listed in local school regulations.


The following penalties apply to ALL student dress code violations:


First Offense Detention, contact parent and student report to In-School Suspension (ISS) until correction of the violation or end of day.


Second Offense Required parent conference and one (1) day ISS.


Third and Repeated Offences Contact parent, up to two (2) days ISS, or OSS.