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Students! Sign-Up for REMIND


Join by Text

Students/parents text the code to a Remind phone number: 81010.  For example, if you want to join a class with the class code @wildcat, you would text @wildcat to 81010.


Join by Online

Visit remind.com/join and enter the class or school code and your email address.



Join by Email

Sending a blank email to code@mail.remind.com.  (If the class code were @wildcat, for example, you'd send a blank email to wildcat@mail.remind.com).  You'll get a response with more instructions.



We are seeing a lot of parents sign-up for REMIND messages for each class.  This is OK, but REMIND is intended for Students to receive important grade-specific information from class sponsors.


Freshman Code: @dw2025
Sophomore Code: @dwood2024
Junior Code: @dwood2023
Senior Code: @dwood2022


Click here to JOIN REMIND.

New to REMIND? No problem!  Link to VIDEO.